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Why use our services?

  • Are you aware that employee turn over is a burden to your Company?
  • How much money does your Company spend training personnel who end up resigning or getting fired?
  • How much money do you spend advertising positions in the local paper?

These are only a few costs you can eliminate. Let us handle your personnel needs, which is what We do best, while you handle your business, which is what You do best.

We are an alternative for the personnel needs of your Company.

  • Why be overstaffed, if your business is seasonal, with defined business peaks during the year?
  • Why be understaffed when your personnel is on vacation, sick leave or maternity?
  • Why turn down a big project because of personnel needs?

PRS also provides you with permanent placement recruitment, if needed. We have resumes of professionals that are in the market, seeking job opportunities.

EIGTH GOOD REASONS to have PRS handle your personnel needs:

  • We specialize in temporary help in numerous business fields.
  • We interview, test and check references of candidates.
  • We evaluate candidates according to their job experience and educational background.
  • Employee payroll taxes are our responsibility.
  • We have candidates that are working, but looking for a better job.
  • Fringe benefits are our responsibility (vacation, sick leave, maternity and Christmas bonus)
  • Do not waste time screening hundreds of resumes, answering calls and interviewing unqualified candidates.
  • We will give you a prompt answer to your personnel request.
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